Referee Development Program

In an effort to constantly improve on the level of refereeing within RUSC’s programs, the Club has implemented a Referee Development Program.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Provide obvious pathway for referees
  • Encourage fitness
  • Provide full cycle - training-mentoring-assessment-feedback-refresher
  • Encourage returning referees
  • Promote skills development
  • Provide incentive for good work ethics

The program includes:

  • Pre-season Development
  • Certificate Courses (pre-season - as required)
  • In-Season Development
  • Mentoring
  • Assessment and Individual Review
  • Refresher clinics

The 4-weeks pre-season development program runs from the last week of April to the middle of May include:

  • 1.5-hour sessions once per week at RUSC or CIHA
  • Sessions based on
    • Grassroots training (U8)
    • Refresher training for returning referees (U10 +)
    • Highlighting of issues realized during previous season
    • Additional knowledge required for next season (e.g. for those moving up a level)
    • Dealing with difficult situations with coaches, parents, etc.

In-season development includes:

  • Referee-in-Chief/Assistant to make “visible” visits to monitor, assess and provide advice and encouragement (especially to younger referees)
  • Referees to be assessed on: Game Control, Teamwork, Positioning and Physical Fitness
  • Assistant Referees to be assessed on: Positioning, Decisiveness, Correctness of signals, Correctness of Calls (off-sides, throw-ins, corners, goal kicks)
  • Refresher clinic to cover areas where common weaknesses indicated

General incentives include:

  • Reservations made by the Club for courses offered by neighboring Clubs
  • Reimburse course costs for first time and returning referees
  • Higher level certification cost subsidized by Club (subject to pre-approval)
  • Bonus salary payment to be made at end of season (10% bonus for all referees and assistant referees attending all four pre-season sessions)