Coach Development Program

RUSC has a two-part Coach Development Program - Part One is in-season and Part Two is out-of-season.


For the in-season program, the Club has contracted Mr. Joé Fournier to develop a standardized progressive training program for coaches and players based on the Long Term Player Development program.

These training sessions will teach coaches and players new drills and skills based on the LTPD Program.


RUSC is set on developing our team of Coaches to give them the tool-set they need to develop our players further. Coaches are highly encouraged to participate in the Pre-season Sessions and acquire coaching skills from our technical staff.

It's free, so why not participate??

Why a coach development program?

When players sign-up with RUSC, whether for a House or a Representative team, they expect to receive something for their registration fee. They want to play and learn and they also want to do so in an enjoyable environment. Shaping the lives of young people is a large responsibility, affected not only through what we teach, but also the way we teach.

Program content

  • Tips and tricks on how to design and conduct a successful practice.
  • How to prepare drills and use progression throughout the drills
  • Conditioning drills (warm-ups, conditioning, cool downs)
  • Game tactics, etc.
  • Coaching on the sideline not from the sideline
  • Tips on nutrition
  • … and more!

Coaching staff - Donald Bouchard - RUSC Technical Director, former coach with The Ottawa Fury (Academy Program, Super Y-League teams and camps), Provincial B soccer licence.